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I'm a happier person since meeting Dr. Ward! I have had extreme lower back pain for a couple of years and have done everything to try to alleviate it. I was told that it was everything from a groin muscle pull to my lower back starting to curve the wrong direction... but at my first visit to Dr. Ward she knew right away what the problem was and put a plan into action to help me. I've been going to Dr. Ward for about 6 weeks now and have gone from a constant pain at a level 10 to rare pain at a level ... more

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Designed Nutrition

Dr. Darcy Ward offers comprehensive nutritional planning for your needs.

Dr. Ward will cater to your specific nutritional needs, physical makeup, and healthcare concerns with whole food supplementation, nutritional guidelines and more. Everyone is different, but we all have the same goal: Optimal Health!

What is Designed Nutrition?

Designed Nutrition is a program that targets your specific health care concerns from a nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle vantage point. It involves regular nutritional consultations to create the balanced nutritional environment your body craves for optimal health and wellness. Nutrition is the basis of our body's ability to function, to fight disease, and to thrive. If your body is not well there is most likely a large nutritional component to your condition. The first step will be to assess your specific needs and help you find the root cause of your discomfort. Once the root cause has been determined, a treatment plan will be put in place to help relieve you of pain, fatigue, discomfort, and other symptoms, rebuilding your long term health.

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