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I'm a happier person since meeting Dr. Ward! I have had extreme lower back pain for a couple of years and have done everything to try to alleviate it. I was told that it was everything from a groin muscle pull to my lower back starting to curve the wrong direction... but at my first visit to Dr. Ward she knew right away what the problem was and put a plan into action to help me. I've been going to Dr. Ward for about 6 weeks now and have gone from a constant pain at a level 10 to rare pain at a level ... more

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Myofascial Release

Many people find that they have muscular aches and pains on a regular basis, but are at a loss for how to obtain lasting relief. Myofascial pain accounts for a very large portion of the population's doctor visits. Despite this, many practitioners find it a very difficult condition to treat. Myofascial pain occurs when muscles are injured, either through trauma, emotional stress or repetitive mechanical stress. They may develop taut bands with tender nodules or knots referred to as trigger points. The involved muscle that contains trigger points may affect range of joint motion, posture, and may be weak or cause other muscles to be weak or less well-coordinated. It may also cause local or referred pain. There is a fairly predictable referred pain pattern involved for each individual muscle. Other symptoms caused by the myofascial involvement in muscles include changes in circulation, tearing and bloodshot eyes, goose bumps, dizziness, and other symptoms caused by a disturbance of the autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Ward treats patients with myofascial pain syndromes by putting the muscles through a series of deep stretches and manual release techniques specifically geared towards elongating the contractions of the muscles. Her focus is to restore movement to the body caused by the muscular tension and torque, and the joint restrictions.

Some patients experience soreness following the myofascial treatment, similar to soreness following exercise or massage therapy, which will abate in 1-2 days. Patients will be sent home following treatment with home stretches and exercises that are an integral part of their treatment.

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