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I'm a happier person since meeting Dr. Ward! I have had extreme lower back pain for a couple of years and have done everything to try to alleviate it. I was told that it was everything from a groin muscle pull to my lower back starting to curve the wrong direction... but at my first visit to Dr. Ward she knew right away what the problem was and put a plan into action to help me. I've been going to Dr. Ward for about 6 weeks now and have gone from a constant pain at a level 10 to rare pain at a level ... more

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Chiropractic care is the third largest primary health care profession in the world. It offers a non-invasive, non-drug alternative to some of the significant health problems plaguing the world today. Chiropractic care is based on the premise that good health depends in part on a normally functioning nervous system.

Chiropractors understand that many of the body's dysfunctions can be linked to nerve interference caused by abnormal pressure or irritation of the spinal nerves. Be relieving this pressure and restoring proper nerve flow, symptoms can often be relieved and good health can be restored.

Chiropractors base this knowledge on years of study and research into the biomechanics of the human body and the cause and effect that injuries have on the spinal system, as well as the overall health of the individual.

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